Using the Internet a Vital Piece of Your Job Hunting Statagy

Numerous companies now rely on the internet to discover candidates for job vacancies so it’s important for jobseekers to know how to use it effectively.
All the same, you could be surprised to learn that applying for jobs online is one of the most effective ways of actually landing a job.

You do, naturally, need to be mindful of this method so you had better acquaint yourself with job boards and you should learn how to submit a plaintext CV or resume.

There are a couple of additional significant factors regarding the internet and finding a job and these are in all likelihood less well practiced by candidates.Internet A Vital Piece of Your Job HuntingThe first are social websites. You want to be aware that a lot of employers now use these to weed out candidates. You see, they can only ascertain a restricted amount of data about you from your resume and naturally, you will have presented yourself in the most favorable light possible. You’ll have emphasized all of your strengths and omitted any weaknesses or at any rate covered them up as far as you are able to.

Of course, employers know this and they also recognize that you’ll have prepared your answers to interview questions. You’ll also have thought of how you will be able to explain away any breaks in your work history or how come you were only in a certain job for a short time period.

Therefore, if they would like to discover more about you before they decide whether or not to invite you to interview, they’ll look you up on sites such as Facebook or MySpace. And you have to realize, that it is not simply your own profile, which may be squeaky clean, that they’re likely to find. Whenever your friends have photographs of you appearing the worse for wear after a night out on the town, or make references to recreational drug use or whatever additional behavior which an employer may frown on, you need want ask them to remove it.

The other aspect of utilizing the internet as part of your job search is more positive and involves research. These days, you are able to discover a good deal about a company, an industry and a career by executing some research online. Whenever you take the time to do this properly it will afford you an edge over candidates who either do not bother or merely give the company website a casual glance.

As far as your job hunting strategy is concerned, you need to be sure that the internet works for you and not against you.

Employment Letter Writing Skills

As the international jobs market becomes even more challenging no one should be in any doubt about the importance of letter writing. Job candidates who are able to master this skill will put themselves ahead of those who have not.

Although many would think that one only needs to write one good letter, the ‘request for an interview’ letter, there are two more just as important. Each of them form a very important part of the mix and should be not be missed from job hunting strategy.

In seeking to impress a prospective employer it does no good to send letters with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes so if you are unsure get help. Stick to the point and think about what it is you are trying to convey. Include the writer’s name and address and use the proper salutations. Watch out for the use of mobile phone ‘text speak’ and have someone else read over your text, this way expensive mistakes can be avoided.

Cover Letter

Even if you are applying on a standard application form include a cover letter with your resume. Employers use forms to ensure that they have a benchmark from which to interview everyone the same way. It is possible to steal a march on your competition if you write a simple cover letter to highlight or enhance skills already in your application. Keep the letter to the point and be brief, this is not the Gettysburg address, its objective is to show that you have a higher interest in the post compared to the other applicants.

Thank you Letter

You should always send a thank you letter right after the job interview. Do it quickly too as it is your chance to re-sell yourself as someone who is diligent and professional in his approach. Which employer is not going to want that? Use the opportunity to thank the employer for the interview and remind them of the skills you will bring. Many candidates will not even think about such a letter so you must take this last chance to emphasize your interest in the job. You could use e-mail to speed up this process but make sure you know the right address and that it will get opened by the right person.

Job Rejection Letter

Usually overlooked this letter may turn out to be your ‘Plan B’. Send a brief letter thanking them for their offer but do not go into detail as to why you have taken them up. Make sure that you tell them that you are always in the market for other opportunities. Think about it this way, if your chosen job does not go the way you hoped it maybe that you can return to this employer to discuss the situation again. After all you were their first choice and it maybe that their second choice is not working well for them.