Networking in The Workplace Advance Your Career

Do you recognize why they didn’t consider you for that last promotion? Have you succumbed to disappointments and frustrations about upward mobility in your vocation? Do you genuinely understand what the power of networking is all about?

It’s time to look in the mirror and take a reality check to find out how other people may be looking at you, and determine what might be holding you back from career promotion. When you do this, you then want to decide what you need to concentrate on to propel your career to the next level.

There are a lot of reasons you might not be making headway in your career. A few things you may be capable of altering, and some matters may be out of your control.

Consider these barricades to career progressions and determine for yourself what you need to work at. Remember, you’re the only person who has the power to arrive at positive changes in your life.

Here are the Top 20 Reasons why people miss career promotions:

  • Not enough experience / deficient in diversity
  • Bad attitude on the job. Managers dislike you
  • They know you’re searching a different job
  • You gossip / tattle too much
  • Lack of education or unrelated degree
  • You are a minority / you’re not like “them”
  • Gender differences
  • You plan on having a family (or you already have kids)
  • You will not put in the extra time they want
  • You do not socialize / hang out with key members after hours
  • They do not trust you or your intentions
  • You intimidate other people- perhaps even your supervisor
  • They know you will not remain for too long
  • You lack the persona they’re looking for (body size, ethnicity, and so on.)
  • You’re not amenable to relocate if asked
  • They display favoritism to relatives or friends
  • You lack the social rank they want
  • Mediocre work performance / not discharging tasks in a timely fashion
  • You’ve pitiful management skills
  • You’ve poor written/verbal communication skills

For those of you who are not freelance, take a step backwards and be willing to appraise yourself in terms of your business performance, project management skills, and so forth., and determine to work at the areas you are able to improve. You never want to be turned down for a job opportunity because you were too self-important to improve in a few areas.

As we all acknowledge, occasionally you are able to do almost everything properly and still be stopped for reasons out of your control (e.g., appearance, gender, age). This is why the ability to network is so vital for us all.

Networking in The Workplace

A few people have a bad conception of what networking is about. It doesn’t mean that you afford someone a chance (or a lead) that they’re not qualified to address, it merely signifies that you assist one another by exposing those opportunities and sharing your resources to service each other, make referrals or introductions so that everybody could profit and have the chance to explore those alternatives.

Networking also calls for developing relationships and affiliating yourself with people in key positions who may assist you to accomplish your career goals. The concept of networking doesn’t mean that you should ever place yourself in a position in which you’re uncomfortable, coerced to do things against your will, or involve yourself in any illegal actions.

You must be careful when deciding how, when, where and who you’ll network with, particularly once it comes to developing business relationships with executives, hiring managers, peers, and so forth. Not all networking contacts are great contacts!

Finally, do you want to take your career to the next level? Apart from making self-improvements, we must also start out by networking, being considerate of one another, and acquiring targeted relationships with those who can assist us. Once we look out for each other, we watch out for ourselves too.

Take a look at a quick video on how to network to advance your career …

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